Rhodesian SAS



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It is an interesting fact that C Sqn SAS is still on the ORBAT of 22 SAS. Rhodesias C Sqn was in the end, or by the end of the Rhodesian Bush War to comprise three squadrons and a Base Group (1SAS). I believe each Squadron comprised 4 Officers and plus or minus 45 – 50 men.

I have made up a set of RAR figures as SAS in “Greens” which were old FRELIMO or ZANLA uniforms but soon greens were manufactured in Rhodesia for the SAS. They operated externally being deployed by parachute from Paradacs or by helicopters operating in multiples of four man sticks. C/S could be 4 or 12 men or 24 or variations on that number. In some operations Klepper canoes were used.

On covert operations they would carry large bergens with chest rig webbing, ammo pouches and bottle pouches. Bergens would be left in an LUP while they went forward to ambush roads, railways, etc, etc. A variation of weapons were carried including FNs, AK47s, RPDs, 60mm commando mortar, RPG7 and MAGs. according to task.

On large overt external operations they would wear Rhodesian Camouflage.

My figures probably need the sleeping bags and kidney pouches removed , but thats for the future.ImageImageImageImageImageImage




Under Fire Miniatures

I have just painted up a batch of the Rhodesian African Rifles 20mm figures by Under Fire Miniatures. The figures are sculpted by Tony and are absolutely brilliant. Very accurate! I have put grass on the bases so I am going to call it the rainy season. Need to get some dry grasses for my bases! The next series of figure batches I am going to file down the rolled up sleeves and thus paint the majority of the figures with their sleeves rolled down.

The beauty of these figures is that they can be painted up as RhSAS or RR, RLI and probably dismounted Greys Scouts. They would also do for the BSAP Support Unit the ‘Black Boots’. In some cases you may have to remove the sleeping bags.

On external ops RhSAS armed with FN would carry sleeping bag in their large burgens. Burgens would be left in a laying up area and then they would move forward to their ambush positions or OPs etc in light order. Uniforms where the same colour as FRELIMO or ZANLA.  Rhodesian camouflage was worn during the larger ops. Thus RhSAS can be produced from these figures.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage