Rhodesian Air Force Camouflage Schemes


The main scheme in the later years of the Rhodesian Bush war was very similar to RAF Dark Earth, Dark Green. This scheme could become patchy and faded in the intense sun of Central Africa. It will be noted that some Rhodesian rhaf[1] rhodesian-lynx.jpg.500x400[1]Para Daks were also painted in a very lighter scheme which was used to reduce the heat signature of the ageing Daks, so as to avoid SAM 7 (Strella) hand held anti aircraft missile systems.

Some Daks could also be seen the much darker Darl Earth Dark Green camouflage scheme and note the tails.051[1] Armed-lynx-on-display[1] cessna337overwing30calibermediummachinegunsandbombs[1] Lynx setting off[1]

See my early article of Fire Force and the schemes on the models.dak detail Rhodesian%20Air%20Force%20Dak%20Paradrop%20at%20Gorongoza%20en%20route%20John%20Reid-Roland[1] Rhodesian%20Air%20Force%20Dakotas%20strela%20mod%20from%20Peter%20Petter%20Bowyer[1]


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