Operation Miracle Sept/Oct 1979


Operation Miracle Sept/Oct 1979. Deep penetration mobile column raid against a large ZANLA camp in Mozambique. S&S Models have just done the MAP 4.5 TCV in 20mm so I now have my Selous Scouts vehicles covered. Could still do with some MAP 7.5 TCV for RhA and RLI.

List of vehicles in the column.

Operation Miracle Sept/Oct 1979.
X3 Eland 90s.
X2 ICVs of RhACR (Tango 9 and Tango 9A).
X1 Eland 90 Major Winklers command vehicle.
X2 Infantry Vehicles Selous Scouts (C/S 71 and 71A , Lt Simon Willar).
X1 Eland 90.
X2 Infantry Vehicles 27 Selous Scouts (C/S 72 and 72A , Lt Rob Guest).
X1 Eland 90
X2 Vehicles 27 Selous Scouts (c/s 73 and 73A, Lt Chris Gough and Supt Winston Hart).
X1 Pig Column Commander Capt Richard Pomford.
X1 Eland 90.
X2 Infantry Vehicles 27 Selous Scouts (c/s 74 and 74A, Lt John Barnes).
X2 Infantry Carrying Vehicles RhACR
X2 Eland 90s.

RLI 30 man Troop commanded by Capt Bobby Harrison. (12 Troop?).????? 3 Commando RLI.
X2 MAP 7.5
X1 Puma
X1 MAP 4.5
X1 Puma
X1 MAP 7.5
RLI 81MM Mortars
X4 Scorpion 81mm mortar carriers
RhA (Artillery)
X3 MAP 7.5 (towing tractors)
X3 25 pdr Medium Artillery

X1 MAP Wrecker.

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