MPCV (Mine Protected Combat Vehicle)


Mounted on a 2.5 Unimog chassis the MPCV was going to be the vehicle of the Mechanised Infantry of the Rhodesian Armoured Car Regiment. To late to serve in the Rhodesian Bush War, 13 vehicles were issued to C coy 1 RAR to keep the peace in Matabeleland after Independence in 1980. They would support the armoured cars (Eland 90s) which had been attached to 1RAR. For war gamers this could be part of a ‘what if scenario’.MPCV of 1RAR mpcv side detail mpcv parade 2,5 unimog drawings 316554_2133235164399_3267170_n[1] 1551703_394366617375663_920016328_n[1] fvwr_small MPCV 1RAR detail MPCV and JWH MPCV C Coy 1RAR (Shark 39) MPCV of 1RAR detail MPCV of 1RAR mpcv parade mpcv side detail


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