I thought I would add a note.

With Independence in 1980 in Zimbabwe the camouflage of Rhodesian Army vehicles changed from buff ochre and camouflage green to Dark Earth with Dark Green blotches.

You will note that the 1RAR Battle Group of 1980/81 the camouflage sceme had changed but there were still some vehicles which were in the old camouflage.

‘Jaws’ the command vehicle of C Coy initially had a 50 Cal mounted but later this was replaced with a Soviet 12,7 HMG. I painted the jaws on the vehicle for Major Lyonel Dyck who was OC at the time.

In fact there were two hatches in the top of the MPCV vehicle so troops could fire from the top of the vehicle if need be. This can be seen in the last photo but I have no detail.

Mercedes_MCAV 1044 11094673_918375484869630_3764202755658802347_n 1039 10628474_918376351536210_8732496352476682920_n

MPCV C Coy 1RAR (Shark 39) MPCV and JWH

mpcv parade


4 thoughts on “MPCV DETAILS

  1. Judging by the size of the open one, the ‘covers’ are half-size on the forward hatch at least.

    You can just about make out the second hatch cover closed to the rear of the first.

    The German UR416 the MPCV was based on had only a single wide rear hatch cover that opened towards the rear. I’m guessing the Rhodesians added a second split hatch forward of that.

    As you say though, finding a photo showing the detail is proving to be difficult.

    • Hi Jim
      Yes I think you are right. It must have been a 4 hatch configuration so the troops could fight from the top or exit. Wish I had taken more detailed photos at the time.
      The Rhodesian Army was a big believer in all round protection by that stage of the game.
      Note the three exits as well as the roof hatches. And turret.
      All the best John Hop

    • Hi Antonio
      Yes the MPCV was based on the 2.5 Unimog chassis so would be a straight conversion with the new body. These would be a great addition in a what if scenario as they were about to be used by Armored Cars and E Sqn T54 tanks for supporting troops.

      They were then going to be used as part of the mechanized battle groups with Eland 90s and T54s.

      As I said earlier they went on for years in other conflicts in Africa with the ZNA. Would be interesting to see them in white UN colours.

      I would buy a good batch of those, at least 13 as we had that many with 1RAR.

      Cant wait to see you produce MAP 4.5, MAP 7.5, and of course we still need the Merc GS vehicle with roll bars for trooping. Sean said he was going to produce that as it became an icon of MP vehicles during the war.

      All the best mate and keep building!
      John Hop

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