Pookie Mine Detection Vehicle


Thought I would post an assorted series of photos of the Pookie Mine Detection Vehicle. A first in its time and the forunner of the modern versions now used in Afghanistan and Iraq. Note the trailer which would be towed behind a Crocodile MAP (Mine and Ambush Protected) vehicle.

The Pookie was a Rhodesian design but later the South Africans helped with more sophisticated detection systems. Note the detection panniers went from round to a flat shape.

With a one man compartment only one driver ever lost his life to an RPG7 strike.

10302242_476349375844053_6184227601967776642_n original[1] pookie_mine_detector_1_of_8[1] pookie_mine_detector_3_of_8[1] pookie_mine_detector_4_of_8[1] pookie_mine_detector_5_of_8[1] pookie_mine_detector_6_of_8[1] pookie_mine_detector_7_of_8[1] PookieBaxter%20(6)[1] 1512471_394359584043033_1573265037_n[1] 10302242_476349375844053_6184227601967776642_n 10338816_476349345844056_46266946277523091_n


7 thoughts on “Pookie Mine Detection Vehicle

  1. Paul Napier

    The Pooky certainly was a unique counter mine capability. I have three drawings of the capsule that I’m told are photocopies of photocopies of the original drawings so unfortunately not all the dimensions are readable but there are sufficient to be able to construct a reasonably accurate scale model of the capsule. If your interested they are posted on New Rhodesian website thread on my 1:35th scale model. http://www.newrhodesian.ca/viewtopic.php?f=48&t=228&p=97850#p97850

      • Paul Napier

        No modelling is my leisure activity. I do the odd commission build but thats all. Honestly I doubt there would be much of a market for Rhodesian subjects.

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