I found these on the Rhodesian Artillery Facebook site and Mike Paterson kindly said I could post the photos on behalf of the Rhodesian Artillery Facebook site.

“Hi John, I just posted these on behalf of someone else who isn’t on Facebook, but unless someone hereabouts objects, I don’t see any problems. Please don’t credit me, just acknowledge Rhodesia Artillery Facebook group. Re the shells. Yellow are high explosive (HE) and green (I’m told) are smoke”.

Most of these photos are from February 1977 to 1978 and shows a gun crew in typical dress for the period.

I have just ordered another set of metal 25pdr artillery pieces from Shell Hole Scenics These models were originally from the Skytrex range but shellhole have improved on them. Very clean models and easy to build. Infact I have bought a batch for my 1967 IDF artillery.

As I have explained in previous articles the guns were extremely accurate.



    • Hi Pete I used the Esci 25 pdr field gun and crew box. 8th Army crew in shorts. I would assume they still make them.
      I added spare heads (Rhodesian Combat Cap) from my RAR figures from Underfire Miniatures. Also a mix of AB Figures american 105mm artillery crew and changed heads. Did an article on it back in 2015. Look back and you should find it.
      All the best John Hop

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